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Our Products as below


Dlog Technologies is a Technology Company with the first time in the world technologies. The source of knowledge is external but R & D were done from our Chennai location since 2002. The Products now being produced and marketed are 1. Liquid Organic manure Concentrate, 2. Quick Organic Waste DeComposer (QOWDC) and 3 DFA-C Strong, a Cow Milk Booster for Cows & Buffalos.

Liquid Organic manure: We have the world's best Organic manure, which is guaranteed to provide very good health to plants and trees and increases the yield by 100% and is suitable for all soils all climates and kind of plants and trees. This product contains 1% of Cow dung+urine+milk+curd mixed suitably to produce results which we can supply in 100's of litres as Concentrates. This product works  as plant nutrient and yield improver inspite of attacks from diseases or infestations. We are ready to export this product abroad in large quantities.

We supply 7.5ml LOM-C Strong Concentrate for Rs.600 only, with which Farmers themselves can make 750 ml of Liquid Organic manure (LOM), in one minute's time following the instructions and video given. This 750 ml can be converted to 750 litres of Manure mix by adding with water in 1:1000 ratio. This 750 litres can be sprayed on to 5 acres of any standing crops at 150 litres per acre. This way cost of manure per acre for all Crops work out to only Rs.120 per acre per application. For Coconut or Mango trees  or generally for all trees the cost our liquid manure will work out to Rs.600 only per acre per application.  More details available in the relevant webpage.

New Product Introduction: LOM C CD

We are introduction our latest simple but very useful product LOM C CD (Liquid Organic Manure - Concentrate - Cow Dung) in just 6ml packs priced at Rs.900 only. With this Users can make 600ml Ready LOM CD in 15 seconds, just by Spoon mixing method easily (following Instructions and Video). At 80ml (mixed to 100 litres of water) per acre this can be used as Spray liquid manure on crops in 7.5 acres. This is a boon to farmers as only 100 litres to be sprayed on one acre of any standing Crops up to 5 feet height (all vegetables, oil seeds, dhalls, pulses, Paddy & Wheat ) at a cost of mere Rs.120/acre, to be sprayed once in 10 or 15 days. This product in concentrate form has a shelf life of 3 years and Ready LOM CD form has further shelf life of 5 years, total 8 years of shelf life. (This is 187.5% more stronger than LOM C Strong, our previous product.)

Priced very low, we will start bulk supplies from April 2024 onwards. This product is also Nil rated (Exempted) GST product in India, as this is unbranded organic manure with HSN 3101. (Packing sizes less than 10ml)

(Note: Rs.120 is roughly equal to USD 1.45)

Quick Organic Waste Decomposer (QOWDC): This is our latest product being released to the market in Oct 22. The pack size is 8ml.  This is for making traditional pit method organic waste Compost but very quickly in 12  days so farmers are benefitted quickly, in the time gap between 2 crops which is usually about 15 days The shelf of this product will be at least 2 years. The Cost works out to just about 10 paise per Kg of Compost manure. This cannot be applied to the soil by Drip Irrigation Systems or by drenching method. Only for Pit Organic Compost making.

New DFA C CDP Cow Milk Booster:This is our new product available in 300mg Calcium Dried Powder packed in a Capsule inside a 30ml PET bottle as well as Refill pack of 300mg CDP as Capsule at reduced prices to suit needs of low income Cow Farmers. Cost per day per Cow is about Rs.2 only for regular users. For first time users it may be Rs.3/day/Cow. Trial samples of 6ml is available for 10 days use in a Cow to know the benefits, before actual purchase at Rs.60/-.

Herbal Products:
Dinlog NX Nilvembu: We are releasing our next product named, Dinlog NX Nilvembu Powder. This is for Blood Sugar control in chronic Diabetic patients, who have high levels of Blood sugar levels in excess of 250mg/dL or above only, as this is a every effective Blood sugar reducer.  The product is Nilvembu powder in 0.15 grams packed into Capsules, from which 50 ml Nilvembu water can be made by the user in one minute. More details can be seen in the webpage given

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