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Petrol Saver

tyre saver

Dinlog Almond Cow Milk Booster

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Dlog Technologies is Catalyst Technology company with first time in the world technologies. The source of knowledge is external but Research and Developments were done and are being carried out from Chennai R & D Centre since 2002.  The products now being produced and  marketed are: 1. Tyre Saver cum Fuel Saver for small vehicles like Bikes, Cars & other Passenger LCVs.  2. Petrol Saver for Two Wheelers 3. Cow/Buffalo milk booster based on Almond extract and 4. Organic manure (Liquid)

Tyre Saver Cum Fuel Saver

We, have concluded our R & D on Fuel Savers and have finalized a wonderful Tyre Spray, which is a tyre life extender and also increases fuel mileage tremendously in all Vehicles viz. Bikes, Cars, LCVs, MCVs, Lorries & Buses. Thus we concluded our search for a single grade Tyre cum Fuel Saver. There is a huge demand for this product all over the world.  More details are available on the Tyre Saver  webpage. This can be used for even electric run cars etc. to save on energy costs. Hence this is an eco friendly product.

Dinlog Petrol Saver:

We have finalized the R & D onPetrol Saver many years ago and has been marketing successfully Petrol Saver grade PS110 for 2 wheelers and also useful in 3 wheelers, which results in many benefits including high pick up, increased mileage up to 20% (10% savings in newer Bikes and 20+% savings in old model two wheelers).However this product is a Dosage specific petrol saver. Please visit Petrol Saver webpage for more details.

Dinlog Almond, Cow Milk Booster: A sure milk booster in milch animals like Cows and Buffallos. This is an Almonds extract, in water form, which is rich in calcium, and also magnesium, phosphorus, pottasium, zinc, copper, manganese,  and vitamin E, vitamin B complex, riboflavin and rich in Omega-6 fatty acids, which the Cow lacks to produce enough good quality milk. This feed supplement in daily dose of 5ml or 6ml or a maximum of 7ml mixed with 100 times water when fed to cows daily increases the overall health of cows and boosts daily milk yield by about 10% to 15%. Milk taste and thickness also improves. A 10% yield increase happens with in 3rd day of starting the feed supplement and 15% increase happens with in  7 days of starting the feed supplement and this increase will continue further slowly up to a month and thereafter it will continue if the feed supplement is continued daily.  This is a feed supplement so continual use is not desireable. Intermittant use like continuing for 3 to 4 months in every milch season is highly recommended. The cost per day is only about Rs.4.33/5ml dosage per day to Rs.6.00/7ml dosage per day per Cow against increased income of about Rs.30 to Rs.40 per day. This is a very profitable proposition for farmers who own cows and buffallos.

Liquid Organic Manure: We have worlds best Liquid Organic Manure which is guaranteed to provide very good health to plants/trees and increases the yield by at least by 30% and suits all soils, all climates and all kinds of plants and trees. This product contains Cow’s Urine+Dung+Milk+Curd in nano quantities empowered suitably to produce sure results which we can supply in 1000’s of litres. This product can work as both plant nutrient as well as insecticide/pesticide.  We are likely to export this product to abroad.

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