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Accelerated Grape fermenter

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Accelerated Grape Fermenter
Our Accelerated Grape Fermenter is a kind of substitute for Yeast used in fermenting Grapes juice for making home made wine. But our Accelerated Grape Fermenter shortly AGF is not suitable for making home made Wine as, as the grape juice ferments, it gets extremely sour and unpalatable. But this extremely sour and highly fermented Grape Juice is a good Food Supplement in daily doses of 1ml or 1.5ml or a maximum of 2ml per day, taken, added to 100~200ml water. The health benefits include, improved digestion, improved immunity and anti ageing properties, which are however yet to be validated.
Note: The individual users are advised to check local laws as to making Home made wine in respective States in India, and abide by them.
Bulk manufacturers of Fermented Grape Juice will have to abide by FSSAI regulations as to Special/Functional Foods and obtain approval under these regulations, as well as, local State govt. as the Fermented Grape Juice will contain 5% to 6% alcohol in it.
For now, we provide only trial samples of 7.5ml AGF, and sale packs will not be available till September 2020.

AGF Label 7.5ml Front Side

AGF label 7.5ml Back side
AGF Label 7.5ml Detailed Instructions 18 4 20R.pdf
AGF Label 7.5ml Detailed Instructions 18 4 20R.doc A4
AGF Label 7.5ml Audio Instructions 21 6 2020

Video of Making 750ml Processed Grape Juice from 7.5ml AGF

Dinlog Feedback Guidelines dt 10.6.20. pdf

Permission Letter.pdf

Permission Letter A4 word doc

 FSSAI Registration for AGF 11 4 20
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AGF label 40ml Front side
AGF label 40ml Back side
AGF Label 40ml Detailed Instructions 8 5 20.pdf
AGF Label 40ml Detailed Instructions 8 5 20.doc A4

Video of Making 4 Ltrs Processed Grape Juice from 40ml AGF


Sample Fermented Grape Juice bottle
Sample of Fermented Grape Juice Bottle

Dinlog Uva Poshak Draft label 21 5 20

Health improvement achieved in 44 days and
after 92 days and after 134 days after starting
to take Dinlog UvaPoshak are given below

This video taken in Jan 2020
Started taking Dinlog UvaPoshak from 1.3.20

This Video taken on 14.4.2020

This Video taken on 01.06.2020

This Video taken on 12 7 2020


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Oct 2019 till 12 July 2020


Note: Seeing is believing.

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