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Our Products as below

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LOM C Strong

LOM C CD gold button

Quick OWDC gold button

New Ready Dry Feed Additive
as Cow Milk Booster

Ready DFA Milk Booster
New Milk Booster

Dinlog Hair Rejuvenator Ultimate gold button

Tyre Saver

Food Supplements (FS)

For General Health
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About Us

We are technologists. Our research is based on more than 20 years of continuous hard work with plenty of practical field and user trials and user feedbacks.

Our Mission is:
1.Protecting the interests of Farmers
2.Promoting Low cost Organic Agriculture
3.Doubling of Farmers Income
4.Eradication of use of Chemical Pesticides in agriculture
5.Reduction of dependence on chemical fertilizers in agriculture.
The above five are at present our Mission objectives.
Mission Objectives

Customer Policy
Our motto is "Total Customer Satisfaction". All our endeavour will be towards achieving this through which alone we believe we can grow to greater heights. All our claims about all our products are thus 100% true and by not claiming excessively we endeavour to ensure "Total Customer Satisfaction".

Our Registrations and Certifications are as below:

MSME Registration 2013    IEC Registration 2013

Earlier TNVAT regn 2009    Earlier CST regn 2009

    Bank Account details

Organic Approval 28 12 21 Page1    Organic Approval 28 12 21 Page2

For latest Organic Approval please click the link below:
Organic Approval Dec22 jpg                      Organic Approval Dec2023

Note: No GST Registration available, as all our 3 products viz.  LOM-C, QOWDC and DFA C Strong are GST exempted products as of May 2020 vide GST Notification number 2/2017 dt 28th June 2017. our above agro products are unbranded and  or packed in very samll sized Pochehs and hence Nil rated goods or exempted goods under GST in India. As of now We are dealing exclusively only in GST Nil rated goods or emempted goods only, hence no GST Registration is required for doing business within India even to send goods to other States or for exporting our products to other Countries outside India.

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