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Dinlog Almond Cow Milk Booster

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Dinlog Almond 
Cow Milk Booster

Dinlog Almond is a water based liquid product (water like) containing nano quantities of Almonds which is rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, pottasium, zinc, copper, manganese,  and vitamin E, vitamin B complex, riboflavin and rich in Omega-6 fatty acids and is enriched and processed. Cows/Buffalos usually lack Calcium and above other minerals which leads to less milk yield and poor health. Hence the need for feed supplement Dinlog Almond  which  is  suitable  for  Cows  and  Buffalos   and  almonds
good for health of Cows/Buffalos. More over this is a herbal feed supplement for Cows and Buffalos and is good for their health. Available in packings of 500ml priced at Rs.290 and 225ml (with Box packing) priced at Rs.180  and sample pack of 60ml priced at Rs.45 only. Bulk packings in 3.8 litres is priced at Rs1900 can also be supplied on demand for large Dairy Farms and for export.

This feed supplement in daily dose of 6ml or 7 or a maximum of 8ml mixed with 100 times water (600ml/700ml/800ml water) when fed to cows or Buffalos daily, (exactly as per Instructions given on How to give) increases the overall health of cows and Buffalos and boosts daily milk yield by about  15% and even up to 20%. Milk taste and fat content and thickness also improves. A 10% yield increase happens with in 3rd day of starting the feed supplement and 15% increase happens with in  7 days of starting the feed supplement and this increase will continue further slowly upwards for a month and thereafter it will continue if the feed supplement is continued daily. 

This can be  given to the Cows & Buffalos strictly following the "User Instructions" every day only once preferably between 11 am and 3 pm,  or 3 or 4 hours after or before Feeding time, as per dosages advised.  Dosage may be suitably increased by 1 ml only in case of large sized Cows & Buffalos which yield a dialy milk of above 15 litres. The cost per day works out to Rs.4.00  only per day against milk increase with value of about Rs.45 to Rs.60 per day.

Dinlog Almond need not be given when the animal is pregnant. After delivery of new calf these may be restarted after a gap of just 7 days. The yield increase is higher compared to the cost per day and hence higly profitable for the cattle farmers and Dairy producing Units. 

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Typical Customer Feedback
“Oh! It is a very good product. 

“This is an amazing product.  But how just like  water?”

“What is this product is! I got more than 1.20 litres increase in milk daily. Previously my cow was giving 8 litres daily now it is totally 9.20 litres daily”

“I got 950 ml increase in daily milk yield with in 7 days using your sample products. Great product”

“My Cow is very brisk and healthy after using your Dinlog Almond. "

“Amazing product. Only performing product. I am getting 25 litres for 3 Cows instead of earlier 21 litres per day. Now I want Dealership for Salem”

“Sir, your product is working. Please dont ask me feedback. I will start with 40 bottles”

“I already sold 40 bottles. Performance is good. But next order may be delayed due to excess milk production in Tamilnadu”

“I want more than 1000 bottles. What discount you will give?”

“Un believable. Just 6ml water added to 600ml water and working. I tried other products at very high costs and never noticed any improvement in daily milk yield. How come your products works so well?”

“SIr, I am believing your product, because I have benefitted myself. ”

“Your product is very cheap. How to believe it?”

“Milk fat content improved after 2 weeks only. First daily yield qty was increasing ”

“Good increase in milk yield. I get more than 8.2 litre  daily against earlier 7 litres. Good product."

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