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Our Products as below

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Dinlog Almond Cow Milk Booster

Accelerated Grape fermenter

Tyre Saver

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Typical Customer Feedback
“Oh! It is a very good product. 

“This is an amazing product.  But how just like  water?”

“What is this product is! I got more than 1.20 litres increase in milk daily. Previously my cow was giving 8 litres daily now it is totally 9.20 litres daily”

“I got 950 ml increase in daily milk yield with in 7 days using your sample products. Great product”

“My Cow is very brisk and healthy after using your Almond. "

“Amazing product. Only performing product. I am getting 25 litres for 3 Cows instead of earlier 21 litres per day. Now I want Dealership for Salem”

“Sir, your product is working. Please dont ask me feedback. I will start with 10 bottles”

“I already sold 40 bottles. Performance is good. But next order may be delayed due to excess milk production in Tamilnadu”

“I want more than 100 bottles. What discount you will give?”

“Un believable. Just 7ml water added to 700ml water and working. I tried other products at very high costs and never noticed any improvement in daily milk yield. How come your products works so well?”

“SIr, I am believing your product, because I have benefitted myself. ”

“Your product is very cheap. How to believe it?”

“Milk fat content improved after 2 weeks only. First daily yield qty was increasing ”

“Good increase in milk yield. I get more than 8.2 litre  daily against earlier 7 litres. Good product."

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