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Calcium Mineral Supplement
Cow Milk Booster
 (Our 2nd Cow Milk Booster)

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Calcium Mineral Supplement Leaflet Aug22

Calcium Mineral Supplement
Concentrate 7.5ml label

CMS C Label 1 6 22s

Calplus - Concentrate 7.5ml Pouch
Calplus - Concentrate 7.5ml Pouch

We supply 7.5ml Concentrate with which Farmers themselves can make 750ml Cow Milk Booster, priced at Rs.500, which can be given to a Cow for 94 days. This way cost is very less at Rs.3.85 per Cow per day (when given 5 days in a week of 7 days)
Instructions for making 750ml Cow Milk Booster from 7.5ml Concentrate and Video of making is given below:

The method of making 750ml CMB from 7.5ml CMS C Concentrate
(same as making Almond Milk Booster 750ml from 7.5ml Concentrate)

How to make 750ml CMB from 7.5ml CMS C

CMB 750ml making video
Video of making 750ml Cow Milk Booster

Direct Feeding method for CMS CMB:
Unlike Almond Milk Booster water, this CMS CMB liquid can be directly feed into the mouth of the Cow. First keep about 1~2 litres of water sprinkled with some dry natural cow feed (like bran of rice or wheat and husk of dals mixed) in  a samll bowl just away from Cow.  Take 8ml CMB from preapred 750ml bottle, just show some green fodder or a banana just above the head of the Cow. It will open its mouth to eat that. Now immediately feed 8ml CMB water directly in to the mouth of the Cow. Cow will drink it. Immediately give the cow, feed sprinkled water below the Cow, allow it to drink about 1 litre at least. Thats all.
This can be feed to Cow between 11 am to 3 pm, and or when the Cow is usualy thirsty, so it drink easily.
For small country Cows just give 6ml CMB only
For very big Jersy Cows which yield daily milk of 15 litres and above give daily 10ml CMB.
Always make Cow drink 1 litre water sprinkled with dry cow feed after giving CMB.
CMB boosts daily milk yield by about  15% and even up to 20%. Milk taste and fat content and thickness also improves. A 10% yield increase happens with in after 5th day of starting the feed supplement and 15% increase happens with in  10 days of starting  this feed supplement and this increase will continue further slowly upwards for a month and thereafter it will continue if the feed supplement is continued as advised. 

This can be  given to the Cows & Buffalos 5 days only in a week of 7 days, preferably between 11 am and 3 pm,  or 3 or 4 hours after or before Feeding time, as per dosages advised.  Dosage may be suitably increased by 2 ml only in case of large sized Cows & Buffalos which yield a dialy milk of above 15 litres. The cost per day works out to Rs.3.85  only per day against milk increase with value of about Rs.40 to Rs.50 per day.

THis CMB need not be given when the animal is pregnant. After delivery of new calf these may be restarted after a gap of just 7 days. The yield increase is higher compared to the cost per day and hence higly profitable for the cattle farmers.

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English 1922 CMS Pdf

English CMS Leaflet Aug22 in A4 for Printout


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