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Dinlog Hair Rejuvenator Ultimate
(Under/for Field Trials only)
Dinlog HRU in English தமிழ்  മലയാളം  తెలుగు  ಕನ್ನಡ 
 मराठी  ગુજરાતી  ਪੰਜਾਬੀ  বাংলা
We are introducing our Ultimate Technology product viz. Dinlog Hair Rejuvenator Ultimate, a demonstration of our extreme technological capablities in this beautiful world of wonders. After due field trial successes, and necessary approvals we shall be releasing this Ultimate Technology product to all Users worldwide.
Thenafter men and women need not suffer the stigma of less hair or baldness in their heads.
We give to the world our Ultimate Technology product for Hair re growth named Dinlog Hair Rejuvenator Ultimate. Initially the price will be very high like 100ml pack will be priced Rs.9900, and this will be the Costliest Hair Rejuvenator in the whole world.  Commercial sales are expected to commence only in April 2023. Till such time Free Trial Sample pack of 32ml will be provided to, only for duly selected Field Trial paticipants.
The ingrediant is Hybiscus Flower Extract 0.025% and QS is water.
This product can be used by even old persons up to age 60 years only, as this may have some cooling effect on head which is not advisable for persons aged over 65 years of age.

User Instructions: Make a small pinhole in the Inner Cap. Directly squeez bottle on head scalp, and apply 1ml to 2ml Dinlog Hair Rejuvenator Ultimate and just spread it gently by fingures. Leave it. Do not rub at all. Use daily twice. (Once in the morning and once in evening). Use continuously for 4 weeks for desired results. Continue usage. This 32ml can be used for 10 to 15 days. Results achieved from 7th day onwards.  Storage: Keep under shade.

Usual Allergic Test: Apply one drop of Dinlog HRU on the left forehand, wait for one minute. If no itching or burning felt, then apply 4 drops on the forehand again. If felt comfortable and cooling then proceed to apply over head scalp.

Application for Field Trial Participation: Please submit your current photos atleast in 4 angles, describing present condition of hair on head, and submit to us the below given Form:

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