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Quick Organic Waste Decomposer
QOWDC in English தமிழ்  മലയാളം  తెలుగు  ಕನ್ನಡ 
 मराठी  ગુજરાતી  ਪੰਜਾਬੀ  বাংলা
English QOWDC 8ml Leaflet Page1
English 8ml QOWDC Leaflet Page1

English QOWDC 8ml Leaflet Page2
QOWDC 8ml Leaflet Page2

QOWDC 8ml Pouch Photo
QOWDC 8ml Pouch Photo

Quick Organic Waste Decomposer (QOWDC): This is our latest product being released to the market in Jan23. This is for making traditional open pit method "Organic Waste Compost" but very quickly in 12 days so farmers are benefitted quickly, in the time gap between 2 crops which is usually about 15 days or more.

Instructions: 1. Make a pit of  22' x 10' x depth 6 feet with 2 or 3  small steps. Fill 6 inches Organic waste + 1.5  inch soil over it. Repeat this 9 or 10 more times. Now the pit is filled with Organic waste and soil. See Youtube video at : https://youtu.be/pJjMKb49L1E  Apply 5000 to 7000 litres of water over this, in such a way that, at least 1 inch water is seen on top.

2. Just before the Pit if filled with water, add this 8ml QOWDC (after shaking this 8ml Pouch once) with 8 litres water  in a 12 litre bucket, (well or tap water) and mix by hand 7 times only. Sprinkle this 8 litres, by hand, over 220 sft water uniformly. Wait for at least 12 days. See Video at: https://youtu.be/uqs0m2dgZ_0

3. Take out Organic Compost after 12 days only. Apply 1 CFT (1 basket) for every 50 SFT of soil, one day before planting saplings ( or around roots of trees.) Water the field well. So the Organic Compost is alive and seeps down the soil.

Caution: Do not apply this, directly to Plants or Trees by Spraying or to Roots by Drip or Drenching. Use this QOWDC only for making Organic Compost  by Traditional Open Pit method only. Read User Instructions given before using this Product and follow the same only

Organic waste means recently (or fresh) harvested crop residues and other organic wastes. You may also add small quantities of Cow dung and Cow urine or other cattle dung.

Bunding the sides of the pit is recommended up to 9 inches height. Good moisture inside the pit is good for quick composting. So rains or floods will not affect the quality of Compost within or after 12 days. No shade is required. Traditional open pit method is sufficient.

It is advised the pit size is maximum 22x10 feet x 6 feet depth only. One pit is recommended for 1 acre of agricultural land.

One application of 1 cubit feet or 1 basket of Compost for every 50 sq. feet of soil is enough for a 90 or 120 days crop. For trees 1000 cft shall be applied for 1 acre, around roots of the trees, on open soil, once in every 3 or 6 months at least. Immediate wetting or watering is highly recommended.

Method of working: Our QOWDC accelerates conversion of organic waste in to compost. Means acclerates composting inside the pit. Our QOWDC creates condusive conditions for quick growth of soil bacteria.  In our method, the bacteria already available in the soil, is converting the organic waste present in the Pit, in to Organic Compost. Hence no external bacterial agents is used. Hence this is a pure 100% Organic product and not a Bio product.

Unlike other OWDC available in the market, our QOWDC is ready and Quick OWDC. Hence highly cost effective and beneficial to all organic and other farmers.

We recommend organic waste or waste crop after harvest, on which chemical pesticides or other pesticides was not sprayed recently. Do not put any chemicals or chemical added processed agro waste in to the Pit.

Note: Our LOM-C Strong sprayed crop waste is ideal for quick composting.

By following Traditional pit method, farmers can save lot of time and cost. The waiting period is just 12 days. Our QOWDC is ready to use with in minutes. No extra costs like jaggery or drums or daily mixing etc. Except first day for filling the pit and on the last day for taking out the Compost no other labour  or attention is required. So huge time and cost is saved.  Cost of QOWDC for making one CFT of Compost is only 50 paise, or 10 paise per Kg, which is very economical.

English QOWDC Pit Drawing
English QOWDC Pit Drawing

Compost Filled Pit Drawing 13123Rs

Downloads Available

English QOWDC 8ml Leaflet A4 B&W for prints

English QOWDC Pdf

QOWDC Photos and Videos

QOWDC Pit Digging by JCB 20220528s
QOWDC Pit Digging by JCB 20220528

Empty composting Pit Filling image
Empty Composting Pit Filling Animation Video
Youtube Video link: https://youtu.be/pJjMKb49L1E

QOWDC applying Video 28123 image
QOWDC applying Video in English


Dlog DeComposer Treated & Not 20220628
Dlog DeComposer Treated & Not 20220628

Organic Compost made from QOWDC 280922R
Organic Compost made from QOWDC 280922

QOWDC Compost video1 25922
QOWDC Compost Video 25923

  QOWDC made Organic Compost applied to Plants
Feedback Videos from Day 1 to Day 11

QOWDC Applied 1st day FB Video 4123

QOWDC Applied Plants 1st day Feedback Video 4123

QOWDC Applied 2 day FB Video 5123
QOWDC Applied Plants 2 day Feed Back Video 5123

QOWDC Applied 2nd day FB2 Video 5123
QOWDC Applied Plants 2nd day another Feedback Video 5123

QOWDC Applied 3rd day FB Video 060123
QOWDC Applied Plants 3rd day Feedback Video 060123

QOWDC Applied 4th day FB Video 070123
QOWDC Applied Plants 4th day Feedback Video 070123

QOWDC Applied 5th day FB Video 090123
QOWDC Applied Plants 5th day Feedback Video 090123

QOWDC Applied 7th day FB Video 110123
QOWDC Applied Plants 7th day Feedbcak Video 110123

QOWDC Applied 11th day FB Video 160123
QOWDC Applied Plants 11th day Feedback Video 160123

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