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Dinlog Red Banana
(Very Effective Blood Sugar Reducer)

(Extract of Red Banana)
We are introducing to our Customers a very highly effective and very strong herbal blood sugar controller (reducer) in the whole world, viz. Dinlog Red Banana. This is expected to help chronic Diabetic persons with high blood sugar levels, to manage blood sugar levels effectively and quickly. This also woks as a Health Booster. At the moment we recommend this product to persons above 40 years of age only. As we need to give trials to younger persons before recommending to them also.

This is an extract of Red Bananas, (well known as medicinal banana) and works as a very strong blood sugar levels reducer. We have to do trials with various types of Diabetic persons to know the full benefits of this product. Being a natural and herbal product this is in general good for health of Diabetic persons. This is not recommended for normal healthy non diabetic persons, except in low dosages, that too taken only when needed and not regularly, as this reduces BS levels only through general health route. This is a Food Supplement for intake by Diabetic persons only.

Red Bananas

How Dinlog Red Banana works?: Any systemic disease in human body is naturally due to lack of particular nutrition available to systhesize required harmones inside human body. This exactly addresses this issue. By providing human body with all minerals and vitamins and protiens, human body is able to work effectively, as everything is normal, and remedies itself. Red Bananas are rich in Pottasium, zinc, copper, iron, and even chromium, and everything a human body requires to keep it healthy. So through health route, BS levels naturally gets controlled to normal levels. But when additionally specific BS level reducing tablets or insulin are in taken by the Diabetic persons, they continue to reduce BS levels without knowing actual BS levels, which is already greatly reduced by Dinlog Red Banana, thus, for Diabetic persons, who take other tablets or insulin, constant monitoring of BS levels is advised, while taking this Dinlog Red Banana. So immediate reduction or adjustment of other tablets or insulin dosages is advised.
Dosages: The recommended dosages are as below:
Low: 1ml; Medium 1.5ml; and High 2ml.
We initially recommend
only 1ml  per day. This to be taken either 15~30  minutes after or before food. This should not taken with other types of medicines or tablets. That is, maintain a gap of at least 30 minutes between other tablets and this Diabetic Food Supplement (DFS) to work effectively.

How to take this?: Take
90~110ml water in a dry tumbler, add 1m (half of 2ml Spoon given) and stir / mix this two times only, and drink it immediately.  For 1.5ml add with 140~160ml of water. For 2ml add with 170~180ml of water. Never mix / mix more than 2 times.
Caution: This Dinlog Red Banana reduces blood sugar levels very effectively and quickly. So check your blood sugar levels as often as possible and reduce the dosage of other tablets or insulin as and when required. Otherwise there is danger of blood sugar levels going down steeply (due to intake of other tablets/medicines), which is harmful to health. (This Dinlog Red Banana, if taken alone, does not allow blood sugar levels to go down steeply. But this problem could arise only due to intake of other tablets or insulin only. So  caution is advised.

Warning: Overdose not beneficial;  Avoid excess doses. Take always low dosages daily once only.  (Chronic Diabetic Persons may take twice a day)

Dinlog Red Banana 30ml Draft Label 121123
Dinlog Red Banana 30ml Draft Label 121123

Dinlog Red Banana 30ml Draft Leaflet 121123
Dinlog Red Banana 30ml Draft Leaflet 121123

Downloads Available

Dinlog Red Banana 30ml Draft Leaflet A4 B&W 121123 for print
(Click above to  take printout in A4)

Note: This product will be available for regular sale from Oct 2024 onwards only. Till such time only 5ml / 30ml free trial samples will be available to valuable customers, for Field Trial Study Programme, selected by the Company, (subject to terms and conditions).

Dinlog Red Banana User Feedback Form 121123
Dinlog Red Banana User Feedback Form 121123
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