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Dinlog Hunaja Nov21
Dinlog Hunaja
(Food Supplement)
We are introducing to our Customers a very highly costly Food Supplement in the whole world, viz. Dinlog Hunaja. The high price is justified by the huge benefits likely to be derived from the product by the users. This is pure natural honey. specially processed, in very low quantity (just 0.1%), but highly benefical and effective. 
How Dinlog Hunaja works? : Humans in general have natural imbalance in their Tridoshas viz. Vatha,
Pitta & Kapha; and as they grow old, say beyond the age of  40+ this imbalance increases, due to selective food habits, and lack of physical activities. This leads to health problems, caused due to specific imbalance in tridoshas, and leads to ill health, general weakness and different and unique diseases in individuals. Dinlog Hunaja helps in balancing this Tridoshas and helps in improving the users health condition vastly compared to before the use of Dinlog Hunaja .
Dosages: Daily drink (slowly) 5ml
Dinlog Hunaja, any time during the day, (only once daily) and must take 100 to 200 ml water immediately after taking Dinlog Hunaja. Overdose not beneficial. Avoid excess doses. For deriving full benefits of intake of Dinlog Hunaja, the user must walk daily minimum 2 to 3 kms.

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Note: This product will be available for regular sale from Jan 2024 onwards. Till such time only 5ml free trial samples will be available to valuable customers, for Field Trial Study Programme, selected by the Company, (subject to terms and conditions).

Field Trial Study Participation Programme
We intend to conduct filed trial study to assess the health benefits likely to be derived by intaking of  Dinlog Hunaja, daily 5ml only, and for this purpose we invite Applications from voluntary participants, all over India. No fees or compensation is payable by the Company to the Participants in Field Trial Study. Only benefit for the voluntary participants is free supply of Dinlog Hunaja for a total period of minimum 7 days to maximum 1 year period at the discretion of the Company (viz Dlog Technologies), and the consequent likely health benefits derived by intaking of Dinlog Hunaja by the participants as  per the instructions from the Company. The only obligation/condition to the Participants is  that the Paricipant must give, during the first one month, weekly Feedbacks and after that once in a month feedbacks and a final feedback in hard copy duly signed by the participant. The age group of disired participants is above 50+ years only, which may be relaxed by the Company, at its discretion,  in exceptional cases only.

Field Trial Study, Voluntary Participants Application Form is given below. Whoever desirous of participating in this Field Trial Study, may submit this Form to us and wait for our approval or selection.

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