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Dry Feed Additive - Concentrate (Calcium Dry Powder 300mg)
Cattle Feed Supplement for Cows / Buffalos
(As Cow Milk Booster for 1 Cow for 66 days)

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New Dry Feed Additive Concentrate - Calcium Dry Powder
Cattle Feed Supplement for Cows /Buffalos
Cow Milk Booster 30ml =  30 Litres Dry Feed Additive
(As Cow Milk Booster for 1 Cow for 66 days)
* Improves Health of Cows / Buffalos
* Increase Daily Milk Yield by 15% to 20%
* Improves Taste and fat content in milk
* Improves immunity of Cow / Buffalos
Contents: Calcium Dried Powder 500mg inside Capsule
Note: 1. First read Instructions and see Video on how to mix 300mg Calcium Powder with 30ml Water in the given 30ml PET bottle with 6ml Cap. 2. Read Instructions on How to add 6ml DFA C Calcium Liquid with 6 Litres of Water, The Cap of  30ml Bottle is Approx. 6ml only.  3. Read Instructions on How to add prepared CMB Water mix 600ml with 250 grams Dry Cow Feed and give to a Cow. See Videos also at: https://dinlog.in/englishdfaccdp.html
Notes: 1. Shelf life of Dry Powder is 2 Years from DOP. Shelf life of prepared Calcium Liquid 30ml may be 4 to 6 months only depending on the purity of water used for mixing.
2. Store this Packing in a cool and dark place. Do not refridegerate. 3. All Claim under all circumstances limited to MRP of this product.
Calcium Powder 300mg
Cow Buffalo
10% milk Increase in 7 days, 15% increase
in 10 days and 20% in 15 days
Packings & MRP:  1. DFA C CDP 300mg  Rs.130/- (Only Capsule with out 30ml Bottle). (Rs.2/day/Cow)  2 DFA C CDP 300mg in 30ml PET Bottle Rs.195/- (Rs.3/day/Cow)
Manufactured By: Dlog Technologies, New No.21, Thambaiah Road Extn., West Mambalam, Chennai 33. India. Website: https://dinlog.in Email: dlogtech@gmail.com  dlogtech@yahoo.co.in Rs.2 only    / day / cow
(For Refills only)
User Instructions for Ready DFAC: Take 9/10 Litres totally well dried Bucket with Lid. Take 6 Litres water in it. Just add 6ml DFAC Calcium Liquid (1 Cap of 30ml Bottle= 6ml) to 6 litres water, and mix by hand 2 times only. Now DFA C+Water mix is ready. Take 600ml from this, mix with Cow Dry Feed (Rice / Wheat Bran + Dhals dust/shells) 250 to 300 grams, and give to each Cow.  For Small Cows give only 500ml and for Big Cows give 700ml. Dosage is generally 2ml/kg of weight of Cows. Give this continuously for first 15 days. Then give a gap of one day after every 3 days. i.e. give 3 days out of every 4 days. Note: Also read detailed instructions given with the product, and see Videos at:  https://dinlog.in/englishdfaccdp.html  

New DFA C CDP 300mg 30ml Bottle Draft Label 7724
New DFA C CDP 300mg 30ml Bottle Draft Label 5724


User Instructions for New DFA C CDP 300mg CDP
Making 30ml Calcium Liquid from 300mg Calcium Dried Powder: First see Video given about this. Open the 30ml PET bottle, take out the 300mg CDP Capsule, keep it safely in a dry cup. Pour good drinking water (preferably bottle drinking water) up to 30ml marking on the PET bottle. Tap the Capsule on table or ground, remove the hologram sticker, open the top Cap of the Capsule, carefully, gently pour the 300mg Calcium Dried Powder into the 30ml water, fully. Now immediately close the bottle Cap tightly and shake this bottle up and down just 10 times only, as you see in the video (without audio). That is all. 30ml Calcium Dry Feed Additive (Calcium Liquid) Cow Milk Booster is ready.
Preparing Ready DFA C + Water mix: In a 9 / 10 litres dry plastic bucket, take 6 litres of well or tap water. Shake 30 ml DFA bottle once, take 6ml Ready DFA with help of the Cap of this 30ml Bottle, (This Bottle Cap measures approx 6ml only) and add with 6 litres water in the bucket. Stir or mix by hand 2 times only. Now 6 litres of Dry Feed  Additive (DFA) Water mix is ready. See Video at:

How much to give as Dosage for One Cow?: From this 6 litres DFA Water mix, give to each Cow at about 2ml per Kg of Cows body weight. Small Cows weight is 250-275 kgs. Medium Cows weight is 300-350 kgs. Big Cows weight is 400-450 kgs. So Dosages for 1. Small Cows is 500ml. 2. Medium sized Cows is 600ml and 3. Big Cows is 700ml Per day (approximately)
How to Feed the Cows these Dosages 500ml /600ml / 700ml? Mark 600ml on a Plastic Mug with marker Pen. Keep this always inside DFA + Water mix bucket. Take Dry natural or Dry Organic mixed Cow Feed about 250 to 300 grams  in a bowl or bucket and simply add 600ml DFA Water mix with dry feed, and mix by hand 4 or 5 times, and give to each Cow separately. Cow will eat this DFA Water mix added dry feed happily. See Video at:
For 10 Cows take 2.5kg to 3 kg  natural dry mixed Cow feed in a 25 or 30 litres Plastic tub, just add the preapred 6 litres of DFA Water mix , mix well and give to 10 Cows of equal quantity of DFA water mix added feed. This can be given once a day to Cows. Give first 15 days continuosly, after that give a gap of one day after every 3 days. (Give only 3 out of 4 days) (Mixed natural Cow feed is Rice Bran /Wheat Bran + Dust /shell of dhals)
Feeding Time for Cows: Give this Cow Milk Booster 3 hours after or 3 hours before main feeding time. i.e between 12 noon and 2 pm.
Sprinkling DFA Water Mix for many Cows in rows: By using an ordinary garden water Sprinkler, this DFA  Water mix can be simply sprinkled onto Dry Cow feeds (eg.Dry Straw) with approximate quantity of 500-700ml per Cow, where giving to each Cow is difficult. Make sure the DFA water mix is eaten by the Cows along with dry feed.
Mixing DFA Water mix of 12 Ltrs :
For 12 Litres: Take 12 litres water in a dry 16/20 litre bucket, add 12ml DFA  and mix by hand 3 times only. This can be given to 20 Cows.
Storing of 6 / 12 Litres DFA Water Mix:

This can be stored for a maximum 10 or 15 days by fully covering the Bucket with a lid, and taken out daily for use. Make sure, that ordinary water do not get mixed with this. Keep the measuring mug inside this bucket itself.
Note: Do not add this DFA Water mix with wet feed or semi wet feed; only add with totally Dry feed only.

Dated: 07 07 2024


Making 30ml Calcium Liquid Video Image
Vidoe of Making 30ml Calcium Liquid
from 300mg Calcium Powder

DFA Water mix 6 Litres from 36ml video  Image
How to make 6 Litres water mixture using 6ml DFA C

Calcium Liquid from 60ml bottle Video

DFA Water mx 600ml + Cow Feeding Video Image
How to give 600ml DFA Water mixture added with
Dry Feed to 1 Cow Video 29324

Sample packets of 6ml DFA C Calcium Liquid is available for all first time Users, who wants to try our product first time, to know the real benefits. This can be added with 6 litres of water and given to 1 Cow for 10 days at 600ml / day.

DFA C Calcium Liquid 6ml Free Sample Pouch Label

DFA C Calcium Liquid 6ml Free Sample sale Pocket

6 Litres DFA Water mix from 6ml video Image
How to make 6 litres DFA Water mixture using 6ml DFA C
sample pocket video dt 29324

User Instructions for Using 6ml Ready D F A C CMB Pocket (Free sample Pack)
This 6ml DFA C CMB Pocket is a Concentrate. This can be  added with 6 litres of water to make 6 litres Ready Dry Feed Additive. Take 6  litres well water or tap water in a 9 or 10 litres well dried bucket. Shake this pocket once. Cut it on top. Add this 6ml DFA C to 6 litres water, and mix  by hand 2 times only. Now DFA + Water mix is ready. This 6 litres can be given to 1 Cow for 10 days at 600ml per day. Take a plastic mug marked 600ml, and keep it inside this bucket (always). Always close the bucket with lid or with any thick cardboard available. This can be kept in a corner inside the Cow shed. Water cannot touch this 6 liters D F A + water mix, so make sure it is kept in a covered area, protected from rain and direct sunlight.
See Video at: https://dinlog.in/englishdfaccdp.html
Take about 250~300 grams natural (not packaged feed) Cow dry feed (rice bran + wheat bran + dhal husk) (Pottu + Thavidu in tamil) in a wide big vessel  . Take 600ml DFA Water mix and add with this dry feed, mix by hand 4 or 5 times, then give to one Cow. Cow will eat this feed happily.
Do not give this along with main food. Give It in between main food, 3 hours after or before main food ( betwen 12 to 2 pm)  See Video at: https://dinlog.in/englishdfaccdp.html
Do's: You can give to milking Cows or Buffalos.
Don'ts: 1. Do not  use a wet bucket for preparing DFA + Water mix. Use always well dried bucket.  2. Only give this, to milking Cows, between 1 month after giving birth to new Calf  or with in six months, to know the exact increase in milk.  3. Do not mix this more than 2 times, after adding 6ml DFA with 6 litres water. 4. Do not give mixed with  packaged Cow Feed. Give with natural Cow feed only.
Dated: 7 7 24

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