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FAQ for Dlog Technologies

LOM – C Strong

1. Question: What is Dlog Technologies Liquid Organic manure (LOM)?

Answer: Dlog Technologies Liquid Organic manure is extract of (4 elements) Panchakavya viz. Cow's dung, Cow's Urine, Cow's Milk and Curd in equal proportions, in small quantities only. It is an NPOP approved Organic manure. Meaning, the users of Dlog Technologies Liquid Organic manure are eligible to get Organic Certification for their Produce. It is a strong Organic manure, helps in faster growth of plants even if they are affected by insects or pests or any kind of diseases.

2. Question: What is the brand name for your manure?

Answer: There is no brand name for our LOM. This is to save farmers from paying 5% GST on branded Organic manure products. So a big saving for farmers. (Pack size is 7.5ml only)

3. Question: Then what "Dlog Technologies" represent?

Answer: It represents the LOM is manufactured by the company named "Dlog Technologies"

4. Question: How is your LOM natural and eco friendly?

Answer: It is natural because it contains only elements of Panchakavya in it and no chemicals are added to it. It is approved for Organic agriculture under NPOP (National Program for Organic Production). It is eco friendly because, it helps in preserving nature, without addition of harmful chemicals like pesticides and chemical fertilizers, which are bad for ecology.

5. Question:  Is your Liquid Organic manure alone enough for high yield?

Answer: Our LOM spray is only foliar spray or top manure. It is not a soil nutrient. So we recommend either use of chemical fertilizer application to soil at 40% of recommended quantity or using locally prepared (with in the land itself) organic waste compost of about 1000 cft / acre using either our Quick OWDC or other Decomposers or following traditional method. Viz. digging a pit of 10 x10 x 5 = 500 cft 2 such pits for each acre, collecting organic waste and cow dung urine etc and making compost of about 1000 cft in these 2 pits inside every acre of land, which we recommend to be applied to soil while preparing land before seeding or transplantation at the rate of 1 cft (1 basket) for every approx. 50 sq feet of land, as soil fertilizer.

6. Question: How do you claim your manure is the "Best manure in the world"?

Answer: We claim, our LOM as the best manure in the world, because, if our LOM is used in crops or trees, the yield obtained is the highest, compared to any other many times costlier fertilizers used. No other fertilizer, how so ever costlier they are, cannot match yield or output obtained by using our LOM properly. Thus our LOM is the "Best manure" in the whole world.

7. Question: What are the benefits of using your LOM in agriculture? Explain one by one in detail.

Answer: 7.1: Gives life energy to Plants & Trees. Life energy is vital life force with in plants and trees which is required to fight of diseases, repelling insects and pest, helps in reproduction viz. more flowering and more yield.

7.2: Gives good health to Plants & Trees. Health is again vitality of the Plants and Trees to grow well and produce more yield.

7.3: More soots and faster growth of Plants. Due to more life energy and improved health, plants and trees are able to make more soots and grow faster.

7.4: Plants gets very good health even after attack from any Pests or disease, including viral diseases. Our LOM gives extremely good health to plants affected by pests or diseases or viruses, thus the plants natural become health, and the problems disappear naturally, and plants regain 100% health through our LOM nutrition only.

 7.5: Increases yield by 100%: The meaning of the Doubling of yield is when compared to crops not applied with any fertilizer. If other fertilizer / manure have  been applied, the yield increase is dependent on their efficacy, which we cannot assess for comparison, as different farmers use different fertilizers. But generally by using our LOM yield increase will be 30% extra over other costly chemical fertilizers and 100% extra over no fertilizer used agriculture.

7.6: Barren Trees, Plants start flowering again. Yes this is true. Trees, plants are barren, either they are male type or they lack life energy. It they are male type, they cannot produce yield, but if they are barren due to health issues, they will start flowering and giving yield again like healthy plants or trees.

7.7: Yields more tasty fruits and vegetables. Yes, as the health of the plants and trees improved, they produce more healthy fruits or vegetables or seeds, and hence their taste and aroma is improved. Moreover when harmful chemical fertilizers are used, these impact the yield quality and taste and aroma.

7.8: Reduces need for watering by 25%. Yes the plants and trees become draught resistant, as this is also one of the known benefits of using Panchakavya in agriculture.

9. Question: What is the contents in your LOM-C Strong?

Answer: Content is 0.25% Cow dung, 0.25% Cow urine, 0.25% Cow curd & 0.25% Cow Milk, balance 99% water only.

10. Question: How do you claim that your LOM can be used for all crops, plants and trees?

Answer: Yes it is true. You can apply our LOM and greatly benefit, even if you apply/spray our LOM to plants, trees growing in different types of soils, different climates, different seasons, and all types of crops and plants. Our LOM can be sprayed/applied to plants and trees even in arctic zone or in Sahara desert, still the plants and trees will derive huge benefit out of our LOM. Thus our claim can be easily verified. Because life energy is the only energy all plants and trees all over the globe lacks and our LOM exactly gives abundant life energy.

11. Question: How do you claims only Rs.120 (USD 1.60) per one acre?

Answer: Yes our claim is true mostly. We restrict our claim to plants and crops only, because they grow only up to 4 or 5 feet maximum. In agriculture, for a 4 feet crop over one acre, one cannot spray more than 150 litres in general, and hence it costs only Rs.120 for a farmer to spray 150 litres per acre of crop. This is farmers price not importers or Distribution channel price. The final using Farmer can spray our LOM at a cost of Rs.120 only for 1 full acre. However we recommend repeated spraying once in 15 days. For bushy plants like Jasmine or tall plants like Banana the spraying quantity per acre may go up to 300 litres and cost may go up to Rs.240 per acre or even more when more quantity need to be sprayed. Still our LOM is The Cheapest, The Lowest Cost manure in the whole world, because it helps plants recover good health even after attack from Pests, insects, fungus, bacteria, worms and viruses.

12. Question: How your LOM-C just 7.5ml can be applied to 5 acres? Are you trying to cheat everyone?

Answer: No. It is 100% true. The quantity to be sprayed for 1 full acre of crops is in general 150 litres only. With our 7.5ml LOM-C, one can make 750ml LOM, which must be mixed with 750 litres of water. This 750 litres of LOM + Water, can be sprayed on to crops in 5 acres. The farmer's price for 7.5ml LOM-C is only Rs.600. So the cost per acre for one time spraying works out to Rs.120 only. Still very cost effective and highly yielding.

 How to apply 7.5ml LOM CS to 5 acres 27 11 21s

13. Question: Why not you produce and give 750ml ready to use LOM instead of giving a very small plastic pouch with just 7.5ml for the price of Rs.600?

Answer: Good question. But our capacity to produce ready to use LOM in large volumes is highly limited. Moreover, the cost production, storage, handling, packing, transport, and again at the dealer end, collecting from transporter, handling, cartage, storage, delivering etc. constitute huge component in weight and high volume fertilizer or manure, which could be as high as 60% of the end price. Ultimately all costs must be borne by the users only viz. farmers. This is a national waste, and we can save huge cost say up to 60% for the farmers if we supply only LOM-C, that is, as a Concentrate, the farmers stand to gain everything. Our Dealers and Distributors will help in making 750ml LOM from 7.5ml LOM-C and our website offers video guidance also. We however regret to inform our inability to give ready to use LOM from our Company. However we encourage local Manure manufacturers to buy from us as LOM-C as concentrate and convert it into ready to use LOM and sell to farmers in their own brand name, which will certainly be much more costlier, than buying and using our LOM-C.

14. Question: removed

15. Question: You say 150 litres and recommend 120 to 160 litres per acre, why?

Answer: Some crops are planted with a gap of 2 or 3 feet which do not require 150 litres. Some crops like creepers, to begin with have less foliage and may require lesser quantity to spray per acre. Some may require more quantity per acre. It is farmer's choice and necessity of a particular crop that determines the quantity of spray required per acre and we are not the deciding anything.

16. Question: Why recommend spraying once in 10 days or once in 15 days? Which is more appropriate?

Answer: Its again a suggestion only. It is entirely farmer's choice to decide about the interval between 2 sprays (minimum gap should be 10 days in case of healthy crops). For very short term crops like Watermelon, green leaves, even jasmin, we strongly recommend once in 10 days spraying. In crops giving daily yield, like Jasmine or rose we strongly recommend once in a week spraying. The frequency depends on the need of the particular agriculture and not decided by us.  See Plant Pictures PDF at the bottom of webpages for detailed schedule of spraying for different types of crops / tress.

17. Question: For Trees why you recommend application at lesser intervals to start with?

Answer: Yes. It is a kind of booster dose or application to start with, so the trees recover well and healthy quickly and in due course the application can be spaced out to more days.

18. Question: What is the meaning of Approved by Aditi Organic Certifications P. Ltd?

Answer: Our LOM-C being made of natural ingredients only, is outside the scope of FCO 1985. Any local preparation like Panchakavya can be produced sold by any individual or company in India, without any kind of approval or licensing, though still some State govts. have their own rules and regulations, which the respective Super Distributor in each State will have to comply with. Most of the States in India do not compel additional registration or approval within their State. However, to be on the safer side every manufacturer of Organic manure must prove to the satisfaction of the State Agri authorities, what they produce or sell is only Organic and not chemicals in the guise of Organic. The only way to prove that an Organic manure is not a chemical manure is obtaining Organic approval, from central Ministry of Agriculture appointed / APEDA appointed accredited Agencies. One such agency is M/S Aditi Organic Certifications P. Ltd. Thus our LOM-C is approved for Organic agriculture under NPOP standards, and the farmers using our LOM-C are eligible in turn to get their produce certified as "Organic". NPOP standard is acceptable and valid in most of asian, south east asian, middle east, african and south african countries. Only in USA and EU different standards are adopted and we are confident of securing these approvals also in due course of time.

19. Question: Have you got any actual user approvals or Feedbacks? Why not upload them in your website, so we can see them?

Answer: As of Jan2024, we have uploaded about 280+ video Feedbacks received from actual farmer users  and Dealers, and in many languages. Click this link also: https://dinlog.in/feedbackm13.html . Many users have uploaded their experience in videos the net, which you can view if you search in google videos with key words LOM C

20. Question: Your website mentions other technology products, please explain?

Answer: We are not just Manure manufacturer. We are a Technology Company. We have many technologies under our fold. But here we wish to restrict our FAQ only to our LOM.

21. Question: removed

22. Question: Anybody can duplicate easily your Pouches and cheat farmers.

Answer: It is impossible to duplicate our 7.5ml packings. We are using preprinted Pouches, hologram stickers and unique security code on each pouch which bears serial number within that batch.

23. Question: Why do you give LOM-C in 7.5ml why not 10ml or 30ml or 50ml packings?

Answer: We give 7.5ml LOM-C, so with that any user can make 750ml LOM using a 1 litre PET bottle, which is easily available all over the world at very very low cost, say a used 1 litre water PET bottle. We need at least 25% empty space inside the bottle for proper shaking/mixing. purchased newly also at a very low cost.

24. Question: Why can't we use river water or stream water to make 750ml LOM?

Answer: Any clean water can be used for making 750ml LOM. Well / tap / river / stream , generally any water can be used to make 750ml LOM. No need to use distilled or filtered water.

25. Question: Why need to take training before actual processing of 20 counts?

Answer: Yes. Otherwise the prepared LOM will not work effectively as per our claims. So to not to waste the 7.5ml LOM-C paid for and purchased by the user, it is a must that, the user must take training, as seen in the demo video, a few times to start and complete in one go, without gap or stopping in between, the 20 count processing, quickly. And it is very easy to learn this by taking training a few times. We expect all users to do the same processing (shaking) as seen in the video given, so the LOM works efficiently as we claimed in our leaflets.

26. Question: Why only 20 counts shaking? why not 18 or 22 counts or 30 counts? Answer: We tried all that. Our LOM-C is optimized for the user to complete the processing exactly in 20 times shaking as shown in the video. Even 19 times or 21 times will work, but less effectively. This is based on our long R & D of more than a decade. Please read the instructions and follow them meticulously, so the LOM works very effectively.

27. Question: Bazar Panchakavya shelf life is very short. How you claim 3 years shelf life?

Answer: Actually it is more than 10 years. We are safe to claim it as 3 years. This is based on our experience with our LOM. We have been manufacturing LOM, LOM-C since 2011.

28. Question: Why we should use a dry PET bottle to make 750ml LOM?

Answer: Because, you cannot use a PET bottle with wetness inside it from a previously prepared LOM. If the PET bottle was used for making our LOM, previously, then it must be washed with soap water twice and plain water 4 or 5 times, then well dried, before reusing it for making our LOM again. However bazar PET bottles, which were never used for making out LOM can be used for making our LOM, even if they are wet when bought, without drying them for first one time only.

29. Question: When you will upload your 750ml making video in our local language?

Answer: We are working on this. At present our video for this purpose is available only in Tamil, english, telugu, hindi, Marathi, Gujarathi and Kannada. Soon it will be available in other languages. In course of time we shall endeavour to make our website available in at least dozen Indian languages and in future in as many foreign languages as possible. Please bear with us and give us more time.

30. Question: Why turn 200 litres drum after every use?

Answer: Yes it is a must. The previously prepared LOM + water should not be inside the 200 litres drum, before preparing next lot of LOM Mix. So just ulta the drum for 5 to 10 minutes, before filling water again inside the drum.

31. Question: Why exactly stir 8 to 10 or 10 to 12 times only, why not more or less?

Answer: The stirring or mixing of the water inside the Drum after adding LOM with it is to make the LOM spread throughout the 150 litres or 200 litres water, so it reaches all the plants sprayed with. By our experience and R&D we found for 150 litres Mix it is enough if you stir or mix it with a 2 inch pipe or pole just 8 to 10 times and for 200 litres mix just 10 to 12 times only. Not more than that. one or 2 times extra mixing is not harmful, but beyond that it is not beneficial for crops sprayed with. So please follow our guidelines and chart given and videos given in the website or Pdf files for other quantity mix preparations given.

32. Question: Can we prepared LOM mix in Pot or inside Sprayer tank?

Answer: No. Prepare LOM + Water mix in a open bucket or vessel or drums only. Not closed containers, as stirring or mixing will not be correct and emptying them after using the mix is difficult. And plain water should not be poured in to the Sprayer tank, as per our instructions.

33. Question: Why not apply on rainy days or snow falling days?

Answer: Any foliar spray will not work during raining days or snow falling days. Ours is no exception.

34. Question: Why it should not be raining for 2 hours after spraying is completed?

Answer: WIth in 2 or 3 hours after spraying the LOM mix sprayed is absorbed by the leaves. So after 2 or 3 hours rains can happen.

35. Question: Your LOM and LOM mix are just like water. Why not a farmer add some thing with this before spraying?

Answer: Nothing shall be added with LOM mix while preparing it, as it will spoil the whole manure mix and make it ineffective. It will not work. So do not add anything like gum, paste, panchakavya or pesticides or any nutritions with the water while preparing LOM mix.

36. Question: Why only 100 LOM for 100 litres of water? Why not 200ml LOM be added with water?

Answer: Only recommended ratio of 1ml for 1 litre ( not more) for 1 litre only shall be added. As adding more quantity is not good for health of plants or trees. There is no use or benefit if you add more than 100ml for 100 litres or water or more than the ratio of 1 : 1000.

37. Question: Why you recommend ground manure?

Answer: Our LOM gives only life energy to the plants and trees. The food energy is absorbed from ground below only. So soil enrichment by proper fertilization is certainly required. We recommend 100% natural farming, so we recommend only locally prepared waste compost manure to be applied to soil 1 basket (1cft) for every 44 or 50 sft, while land is prepared, before every short term crop. In case  of long term crops, like trees, floriculture, tea, coffee estates also we recommend application of local compost near the roots, base of the tree for soil enrichment. However if naturally prepared compost is not available, the farmers are advised to use chemical fertilizers as soil fertilizer up to 40% of the usual recommended quantity only.  We have introduced our Quick Organic Waste De Composer, with which a farmer can himself can make 5000 kgs (100cft) Organic Compost with in each acre in a pit size of 20x10x6 feet only with in 13 days time.

38. Question: If I applied chemical pesticide recently, when I can spray your LOM mix?

Answer: After a gap of 1 week or 10 days from spraying of chemical pesticides, one can spray our LOM mix.

39. Question: Can we use chemical fertilizers for soil fertilization?

Answer: Yes. you can use chemical fertilizers (up to 40% of recommended quanitity only) as soil manure and spray our LOM mix for foliar application, as to begin with it may not be possible for all farmers to get natural waste compost manure all of a sudden. In about 6 months time all farmers can prepare waste compost in their lands itself and start using that waste manure/compost for soil enrichment.

40. Question: If I apply chemical fertilizer today, when I can spray your LOM mix on crops?

Answer: Soil application of chemical fertilizers and our LOM mix spraying will not clash. After applying chemical fertilizer, the next day also you can spray our LOM mix. No need for any gap. But for root drenching, like in case of Coconut, arcanut trees or big mango trees, give a gap of at least 15 days between application of chemical fertilizers in the ground and applying our LOM mix at the roots.

41. Question: Why so many about 13 additional instructions for spraying to crops?

Answer: This is only Short Instructions. There is a 4 page detailed "Applying note for LOM Spraying Farmers", which also required to be studied fully, for getting full benefit our LOM mix, as Foliar spraying of nutrients or manure is very new to farmers in India as in developed countries, as these foliar spray nutrients are very costly compared to ground applying fertilizers. But our LOM is extremely low cost Foliar Spray manure.

42. Question: For trees you insist, there shall not water stagnation at the roots of trees, before LOM mix application, but for Crops what we shall do if there is water on the ground?

Answer: For Crops, farmers are only going to spray LOM mix on the plants and leaves. So no problem, even if the ground is watery. But for trees as the LOM mix is applied at the roots, there shall not be water on the ground around the roots, at the time of application of LOM mix to the roots of the trees. If water to trees was given by drip irrigation, it shall be stopped for 2 days before applying our LOM mix, so there is no water at the ground near the root. But you can spray our LOM mix to trees, even if there is water stagnation around the tree.

43. Question: How to understand the quantity of LOM mix required for trees?

Answer: Answer is simple, big trees more LOM mix and small trees less LOM mix. To understand, find the diameter of the tree at the base of the tree. For a tree with a base trunk of 10 inches apply 10 litres LOM mix. For Coconut trees generally they have a trunk of 13 to 14 inches. So 13 to 14 litres LOM mix is required for each coconut tree.

44. Question: Why so many further instructions for Preparation of LOM mix?

Answer: Yes. These instructions must be followed, otherwise desired benefit will not be obtained from our LOM. The farmers are requested to read everything patiently before using our LOM in their fields. Otherwise, we cannot be blamed for non performance of LOM in actual field Use. To help farmers we plan to appoint Village level Dealers who will supply LOM-C Pouches to farmers and guide farmers in properly using, spraying our LOM mix to the crops and trees.  For convenience of farmers we have given demo video of Lom + Water mixing videos from 10 litres to 200 litres, Please see these videos in your language in our website or in the Pdf5 of your language, or in the last page of our Pdf2.

45. Question: Your 72 hours proving technique fails, why?

Answer: It is a very quick test to prove to the farmers, that our LOM is a very good growth promoter. To make a successful 72 hours, all the conditions and instructions mentioned there in must be strictly followed, so it does not fail. For farmers to know the effects of our LOM mix spraying, farmers are advised to spray 10 litres LOM mix only on 5 cents (about 2200 sft) and leave the rest of the crops not sprayed with our LOM,  and compare after a gap of 3 days, to understand, that our LOM is a very effective growth promoter.

46. Question: Why 72 hours trials only on 30 to 60 days old short term crops?

Answer: Yes only short term crops (90 days or 120 days or maximum 180 days crops) grow faster in 72 hours. A 100 year tree does not grow in 72 hours. And if the plant is less than 30 days old, it does not have much leaves to absorb the spray. After 60 days these short term corps, start flowering and they don't grow faster after flowering. So the 72 hours trials must be tried only only 30 to 60 days old short terms crops only, and there should be not sprayed crops or plants within the same plot for quick and meaningful comparison.

47. Question: Why for Paddy spraying is not advisable after 75th day of plant life?

Answer: Generally 120 days paddy crops start flowering after 75th day. If LOM mix is sprayed the size of the yield like vegetables or fruits of flowers, become big in size. For rice and paddy, the slim variety of rice fetches more price in the market compared to fat or big (motta) type of rice. If our LOM mix is sprayed on to paddy after 80th day, the rice become big and fat in size and so the farmers shall decide, and know about it before undertaking spraying of our LOM mix after 75 days.

48. Question: Inspite of spraying of your LOM mix, if worms persist, can we apply chemical pesticide?

Answer: Note: Our LOM-C Strong, our new product solves all kinds of larve and dragon worms and fruit fly menance problems also. Just follow the instructions and videos 100% and repeat the spray 3 or 4 times at intervals of 5 days in case of short term crops vegetables, paddy, wheat, Oil seeds etc 5 or 7 days in case of medium term crops like Banana, Ginger, turmeric etc. 5 to 7 days in case of long term trees

49. Question: You LOM is very cheap. But spraying cost is very high. How to believe your LOM?

Answer: Good question. You can try a 72 hours trial with the help of our Dealers, Distributors, see the growth of your own plants in 72 hours and then decide about buying our LOM. About Spraying cost we have explained in our Notes to Farmers.pdf, that contract labourers should be avoided, by farmers using our LOM because their cost is high. Instead, you can buy a good quality high volume sprayer and derive benefit from that. We are also encouraging our Dealers and Distributors, to hire out Good High Volume Sprayers for a rent of Just Rs.100 for 4 hours, with in which you can complete spraying even for 10 acres. So we recommend good and efficient Sprayers for farmers using our LOM.

50. Question: Why all the side effects of using your LOM are good?

Answer: These side effects are 100% true, and users will certify the same

51: Removed:

52: How to spray your LOM mix on to baby crops in nursaries?

Short term crops: From 12th or 15th day first spray

Medium term crops like Banana: First spray after 30 days of age

Long term tree saplings: from 3rd month once in 20 or 30 days repeat spraying

Note: Inform buying farmers if recently sprayed.

Note: For all other queries, and doubts, please read our pdf files on "Applying Notes for Farmers" which details many things.

Prepared by: Dlog Technologies, New No.21, Thambaiah Road Extn., Chennai 33 India. Website: www.dinlog.in Email dlogtech@gmail.com dlogtech@yahoo.co.in

01 01-2023

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LOM C Strong user Instructions in English A4 in Pdf for print.pdf

English LOM C Strong Leaflet in A4 for print.pdf

July23 English Plant Pictures Pdf and Spray Schedules

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