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Dinlog Liquid Organic Manure
Dinlog Liquid Organic Manure is a water based liquid product containing nano quantities of Cowdung, Cowurine, Cowmilk and Curd and is enriched and processed. This is a very good plant nutrient and increases health and yield of all kinds of plants in all soils and all climates. This is most suitable for Organic Farming. This is also a natural Pesiticide/Insecticide. Thus this is a 3 in 1 product. Packings available is 300 ml, 500ml, 1000 ml  PET bottles and  Plastic Jerry Cans or 3.8 litres PET Jars.
Organic manure 300ml

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Typical Customer Feedback
“Oh! It is a very good product. 

“Oh! It is a very good product.  Now I am an Agent selling Dinlog Organic Manure“

“This is an amazing product. How with just water?”

“What is this product! I got more than double tomatoes from my garden. Wonderful product”

“It was a dying plant. After a week I applied your manure I see more than 100 soots coming out from every possible place in the plant”

“oh! This plant looks like a plastic plant. Your Organic manure is a wonderful product”

“For 1 and half years there was no growth no flowering in this Desert Plant which I brought from Saudi. Now after using your Liquid Organic Manure I see this desert plant start growing and flowering. A great product”

“I see the tea plants soots are more so yield will be more; but how to apply to my acres and acres of Tea Estate your Liquid Organic Manure”

“Your Liquid Organic Manure does not suit standing Paddy crops as there is too much water logging in the fileds” Reply: This LOM is suitable only for Drylands (Punjai lands) and not suitable for Wetlands.

“My Bogunvilla never bloomed in the past 8 years. Wow your Liquid Organic Manure made it bloom fantastically. Really a great product”
“My plants are growing like wild plants Flowering is too good”

“Yes your Liquid Organic Manure works well. So what?”

“My rose plant is full of flowers, more than 8 to 10 flowers now. It was earlier with just 2 flowers. Your Liquid Organic Manure does wonders”

“All my Coconut trees in 1 acres are now very green and healthy”

“My Brinjal plants in 1 acre was about to die before applying your Liquid Organic Manure. Now they are healthy and yielding Brinjals. Thanks to Liquid Organic Manure”

“Your Liquid Organic Manure is approved. Whereever I gave samples I got only positive feedbacks”

“How to apply your Liquid Organic Manure to acres of farm lands. Please advise. I checked up your Liquid Organic Manure is working extremely well in individual plants” - Reply:  READ FAQ FOR MASS APPLICATION

“My plants are very health now a days after I start using your Liquid Organic Manure”

“It is so miniscule quantities. Unbelievable!”

“I had to be careful with mixing ratio. Too high tech product for fellows like me”

“Fruits are tastier”

“Inspite of white fungus the branches are growing again healthily”

“All the disease in my rose plants are gone after using your Liquid Organic Manure”

“Your Liquid Organic Manure really works well”

" I think this does not suit my Drip irrigation system, as you say only Bucket or 1000 litres (dry) mixing tank application is possible"

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