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Dinlog Petrol Saver PS 110

This is not produced by us anymore.
Typical Customer Feedback

“It is a really working product. I never believed it earlier a Petrol Saver works. Hats of to Dinlog”

“I am happy finally I got a really working Petrol Saver. But the problem is very low dosages”

“I bought a Dinlog PS110 6 months back and I am still using that bottle only”

“Where I can get Dinlog PS110? It is a really working and good product”

“I just added Dinlog PS110 with Petrol in the tank. How come clutch and gears have become so smooth?”

“I can’t drive my scooter without Dinlog PS110 in future”

“I am getting more than double the old mileage after using Dinlog PS110 in my Yamaha RX100. I am extremely satisfied with the performance of the product”

“I get an increase of 13 kms per litre. Earlier my Bajaj scooter was giving 40kmpl now it has increased to 53 kmpl.”

“I don’t get any extra mileage in my Honda Activa. Why? “

“I get just 10% increase in mileage in my TVS Max 100R. In my friends Yamaha RX100 he gets double mileage. Why?”

“I feel the bike is newly serviced”

“After start using Dinlog PS110 my bike has become like I used in the first year I bought the bike though it is 6 years old. Thanks to Dinlog”

“Oh!. It works”

“Yes. Mileage has improved but I dint check it. But the bike is running smoothly”

“My 10 year old scooter is running as though it is a brand new scooter.”

“It is a sheer pleasure to drive my old bike after I start using Dinlog PS110”

“I want to work as an agent in my town for your Dinlog PS110”

“It is a good product. My scooter smoke has completely reduced; heat of engine reduced. Noise reduced. And Scooter is very smooth”

“My scooter smoke came down by more than 80%. It is a good product.”

“It is a good anti pollution product and a fuel saver too.”

“Savings is atleast 20% of the cost of Dinlog”

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