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Dinlog Tyre Saver Spray
(Tyre Saver cum Fuel Saver)

We have two types of Tyre Spray which are Tyre Saver cum Fuel Savers. Both are rubber strengthening catalysts. Please click the below links to go to respective pages.

Petrol based Tyre Spray: Grade TS105; For this only Concentrate is available in 7ml, and 36ml packs, for  applying to Two wheelers, Autos and small vehciles. Users may also apply this petrol based Tyre Spray to load carriers like LCV, MCV and HCV and Trailers, taking care of Petrol application (highly inflammable). We do not recommend this Petrol based Tyre Spray for Buses or big Cars or commecial passenger vehciles, due to safety reasons.  For these vehicles we recommend only water based Tyre Spray.

For Petrol based Tyre spray click ---->   Tyre Spray Petrol

Water based Tyre Spray: Grade 2490; For this we supply mostly Ready Spray in 180ml; in 400ml and for bulk users in 5.50 litres packs. This Tyre cum Fuel saver we recommend for all commercial vehicles, LCV, MCV, HCV, Buses, and Lorries of 18, 24 wheels and even bigger ones. Though this can be economically (compared to Petrol spray) sprayed on to small vehicles like Bikes and small Cars. Cost of Tyre Spray application is cheaper than Petrol based Tyre Spray, because the spray material is only water and not Petrol, which is much safer to handle, store and transport. But this application is bit labourious, as water soaking is involved and jackying of vehicles may be required.

For Water based Tyre Spray click ------>  Tyre Spray Water

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