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New Dinlog Tyre Saver Spray
(Petrol Based Tyre Spray - only for Bikes and small vehicles and load carriers)
Tyre Saver cum Fuel Saver

Dinlog Fuel cum Tyre Saver Spray is a rubber strengthening Catalyst.  This is to be applied on to tyres buttons and treads like spray painting (see picture below). This should be applied once in 3000 kms for Bikes and small vehicles and once in 2000 kms for Scooters, Autos, Minidors (Plus or minus 500Kms); For LCVs once in 3000 kms, MCVs once in 3000~4000 kms and for lorries once in 5000 kms.  The benefits are like increasing the useful life of tyres by 50%, increase in fuel mileage (10% to 15%), better (road grip) brake application, ease of driving, protects shock absorbers, strengthens rubber molecules, soften tyre, gives smooth and cushy ride, cools down tyres and removes rolling resistance in tryes.
Note: However we strongly recommend water based Dinlog Tyre Spray for all bigger vehicles, like LCV, MCV and HCVs due to safety concerns and cost of spraying material and quantity to be sprayed. For eg. for Lorries the quantity of Water based Tyre spray to be applied is only 26~28ml per tyre compared to 240~260ml of Petrol based Tyre spray, which must be applied to get similar benefits. We leave it to Users choice to choose between Petrol based Dinlog Tyre Spray and Water based Dinlog Tyre Spray,
at their own risk and costs, as both work equally well.

The cost vs benefits are high considering the retail price of the product. Its cost is very  low when purchased as Concentrate compared to the benefits derived.

Trial Packings are 400ml (suitable for 4 bikes (or) one small car plus one bike) with MRP of Rs.220, 700ml with MRP of Rs.350 for spraying on to 7 bikes or 8 Scooters; Also available (on special request only) 3.60 litres with MRP of Rs.1450 for spraying on to 14 tyres of Lorries.  Regular supply available is Tyre Spray 1% Concentrate  of 7ml with MRP of Rs.190 for making 700ml Tyre Spray and 36ml with MRP of Rs.795 for making 3.60 litres of Dinlog Tyre Spray. Hand Trigger Sprayer is available for Rs.20. For 3.6 litres Users must use 8 litres Sprayers only for Lorries or MCVs (like 8 litres KisanKraft Sprayer). However for bikes, small cars or LCVs Long Hand Sprayers costing Rs.50 is available with us.

Dinlog Tyre Spray picture

This is one of the first in the wold products from Dlog Technologies. This is also eco friendly as significant % fuel savings is good for earth and disposal of used tyres is harming environment. Hence eco friendlyy. The cost benefit is atleast 10 times savings over money spent.

Dinlog Tyre Sprayer for 3600ml Heavy Duty Spraying
8 litre Sprayer

Dinlog Tyre Spray labels
Dinlog Tyre Spray 400ml label
TS petrol label 400ml

Dinlog Tyre Spray 700ml label
TS petrol label 700ml

Dinlog Tyre Spray 3600ml label
TS petrol label 3.60 litres

Dinlog Tyre Spray Concentrate TS 95  packs 36ml & 7ml
Dinlog Tyre Spray Concentrate TS 95  packs 36ml & 7ml

Dinlog Tyre Spray Concentrate TS 95 label 7ml
Dinlog Tyre Spray Concentrate TS 95 label 7ml

Dinlog Tyre Spray Concentrate TS 95 label 36ml
Dinlog Tyre Spray Concentrate TS 95 label 36ml

E- Brochure

e brochure english
(click to enlarge)

e brochure tamil
(click to enlarge)

Download Video for Lorry Tyre 75% Spraying.mp4 6.37mb
Download Video for Lorry Tyre 25% Spraying.mp4 7.11mb
Making of Tyre Spray from Concentrate 7ml  and Spraying Instructions

Instructions in Tamil

Video for preparing 700ml Tyre Spray from 7ml Concentrate
(Better open with IE for portrait viewing)

Making of Tyre Spray from Concentrate 36ml  and Spraying Instructions
English Instructions part1
English Instructions part2

Instructions tamil part1
Instructions tamil part2

Video for preparing 3600ml Tyre Spray from 36ml Cocentrate
400ml Hand SPrayer for Bikes, Small Cars only
400ml Hand Sprayer for Bikes, Small
Cars only
5 litre IS6412 Jerry Can
5 Litre IS Jerry Can for preparing
3.60 litres Petrol Spray
a8 litre Sprayer for Lorry, MCVs, Cars
8 LItre Sprayer for Lorry, MCVs
(Similar to Pesticide Sprayers)

      Note: We can supply Concentrates only for Petrol based Tyre Spray, as handling, transportation is much easier compared to ready Tyre Spray. We humbly request all users to read above mixing instructions for making 700ml Tyre Spray at the users place, which is very simple also, ( see video clip above) and demand only Concentrates (which contains Diesel and not Petrol) from us and our Distribution network. As ready Tyre Spray can be supplied only for sampling purposes.
Highly inflammable
WARNING: Dinlog Tyre Spray is Highly inflammable. So keep safe and away from any source of heat or fire. Always keep DInlog Tyre Spray bottles, containers tightly closed when not in use. Dinlog Tyre Spray  cannot be stored beyong 30 litres in one premises. However Dinlog Tyre Saver Concentrate is not highly inflammable.   
For safety reasons we highly recommend users to choose water based Tyre Spray for all heavey vehicles like Lorries and Buses and MCVs, LCVs, Cars, Jeeps, smaller vehicles. However for Bikes and two wheelers, and very small vehicles,(due to swiftness of spraying process and lessor quantity of spraying) users can choose between Petrol based Tyre Spray and Water based Tyre Spray at their own risks and costs. Always handle Petrol based Tyre Spray with utmost care.
Please check with us for  Diesel based Tyre Spray

Typical Customer Feedback

“It is working. My tyre mileage has improved”

“With single application my rebuilt bus tyre has increased from 19000mks to 22000kms”

"My Vehicle is running very very smooth and fast"

"I feel there is no load in the back even though I carry full load"

"My Diesel mileage has improved from 7.2 to 8.1 kmpl.

"Road grip is far better than before"

"I just applied some petrol like liquid to my tyres ..how come mileage has improved so much? This is like magic"

“It is a good and novel product”

“I see my bike tyre buttons remains fully intact even after full 3000 kms of running”

“My cycle tyre has not worn out at all even though I changed the tyres one year back. I used to change it once in 9 months”

“I feel my tyres have been fixed with sponge. The ride is too smooth; how?”

“Amazing product. At first I did not believe it is possible to extend tyre life and mileage. Now I believe”

“I forgot when I lost changed my bike tyres”

“Yours is really a good product ”

“Why not you give advertisements, so I can believe you”


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