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Dlog Technologies is a Technology Company with the first time in the world technologies. The source of knowledge is external but R & D were done from our Chennai location since 2002. The Products now being produced and marketed are 1. Liquid Organic manure Concentrate, 2. Quick Organic Waste DeComposer (QOWDC) and 3 Calcium Mineral Supplement for cattle as Cow Milk Booster.

Liquid Organic manure: We have the world's best Organic manure, which is guaranteed to provide very good health to plants and trees and increases the yield by 100% and is suitable for all soils all climates and kind of plants and trees. This product contains 1% of Cow dung+urine+milk+curd mixed suitably to produce results which we can supply in 100's of litres as Concentrates. This product works  as plant nutrient and yield improver inspite of attacks from diseases or infestations. We are ready to export this product abroad in large quantities.

We supply 7.5ml LOM-C Strong Concentrate for Rs.600 only, with which Farmers themselves can make 750 ml of Liquid Organic manure (LOM), in one minute's time following the instructions and video given. This 750 ml can be converted to 750 litres of Manure mix by adding with water in 1:1000 ratio. This 750 litres can be sprayed on to 5 acres of any standing crops at 150 litres per acre. This way cost of manure per acre for all Crops work out to only Rs.120 per acre per application. For Coconut or Mango trees  or generally for all trees the cost our liquid manure will work out to Rs.600 only per acre per application.  More details available in the relevant webpage.

New Product Introduction: LOM C CD

We are introduction our latest simple but very useful product LOM C CD (Liquid Organic Manure - Concentrate - Cow Dung) in just 6ml packs priced at Rs.720 only. With this Users can make 600ml Ready LOM CD in 15 seconds, just by Spoon mixing method easily (following Instructions and Video). This is a boon to farmers as only 100 litres to be sprayed on one acre of any standing Crops up to 5 feet height (all vegetables, oil seeds, dhalls, pulses, Paddy & Wheat ) at a cost of mere Rs.120/acre. This product in concentrate form has a shelf life of 3 years and Ready LOM CD form has further shelf life of 5 years, total 8 years of shelf life.

Priced very low, we will start bulk supplies from Jan 2024 onwards. This product is also Nil rated (Exempted) GST product in India, as this is unbranded organic manure with HSN 3101.

(Note: Rs.120 is roughly equal to USD 1.50)

Quick Organic Waste Decomposer (QOWDC): This is our latest product being released to the market in Oct 22. This is for making traditional pit method organic waste Compost but very quickly in 12  days so farmers are benefitted quickly, in the time gap between 2 crops which is usually about 15 days The shelf of this product will be at least 2 years. The Cost works out to just about 10 paise per Kg of Compost manure. This cannot be applied to the soil by Drip Irrigation Systems or by drenching method. Only for Pit Organic Compost making.

New Cow Milk Booster (DFA-C): We are introducing a new Cow Milk Booster in Aug 2023, which will be very easy to give to Cows / many 100s of Cows, by Cow Farmers and larger Cow farms. This is a Dry Feed Additive in Concentrate form (DFA-C) available in 3.8ml or 7.5ml packs. 3.8ml (MRP Rs.950) can be given to 720 Cows, 7.5ml (MRP Rs.1800) can be given to 1440 Cows for a day. The cost  is very very low Rs.2/- per day per Cow and even lower. More details available in the webpage.
Also introducing a 2.30ml DFA-C Pack with which 230ml DFA can be made and given to about 420 days for 1 Cow as Cow Milk Booster, priced at just Rs.600.

New Ready DFA CMB: This is Ready Dry Feed Additive Cow Milk Booster, introduced for very small farmers, who do not require Concentrates. This is priced just Rs.300 for 60ml Ready DFA Cow Milk Booster, which can be given to 1 Cow for 100 days, thus costing Rs.3/- only per day. This is basically for small and new Users.

Dinlog Hair Rejuvenator Ultimate: This is our latest technology demonstrator product. This product is expected to give hair to aged persons, the hair they had in youthful days. This product is under field trial studies only and will be available for sale from October 2024 onwards only. Now only trial samples are available to selected Field Trial Participants only. For more info see the webpage.

Tyre Saver Spray: This product was in R & D for over 6 years and R & D and field trials have been completed recently. We will be launching this product for sales after this monsoon season, in Jan 2022. This is a rubber strengthening catalyst. Tyre life can be doubled, huge fuel can be saved. This reduces rolling resitance in tyres, give smooth and cushy ride, and a eco friendly product. Cost is very low just Rs.18 for a bike tyre to Rs.36 for a big Bus/Truck tyre. Hence very economical. Available in Concentrates packings of 7.5ml priced Rs.900 and 40ml priced Rs.4050 only. More details available in the webpage.

Dinlog Food Supplements (FS)
Anti-Ageing FS: Dinlog ELIXIR:
More details available in relevant webpage. The above products are under user Field trails and will be available for sale from October 2024 afterwards. This product also helps to control Blood sugar levels in Diabetic persons, if taken in higher dosages.  This product is under field trials only.

Dinlog Pmoksha:
This is expected to perform as the Ultimate human food supplement, granting Moksha benefits to humans while alive, hence a very highly costly food supplement for the Riches only. Meant for aged persons above 40+ years, this works very effectively and quickly in regenuvating the human body into teenages. The user of this product can enjoy life to the fullest, if this product works on expected lines. Being a high cost product, this product is available only for select individuals at Company's discretion for field trial purposes only, and may be available for sale from Oct 2024 only.
For more info see the webpage.

Dinlog Red Banana:
This, we hope, will prove to be ultimate Sugar Destroyer, that is control/reduce Blood Sugar levels in Diabetic persons, very effectively and very quickly, as this works on general health route in controlling BS levels. As this is made very strongly, we highly recommend intake of this product only by Chronic Diabetic persons. Priced reasonably, this product is
available only for select individuals at Company's discretion for field trial purposes only, and may be available for sale from Oct 2024 only.For more info see the webpage.

Dinlog Green Nilvembu (Diabetic Food Supplement)
This product named GNV we are releasing, mainly to control the draconian Diabeties, which affects about 10% of world population, including, non reported cases.  This Herbal extract is ten times more effective in reducing Blood Sugar (BS) Levels.  This reduces high blood sugar levels in Diabetic persons only.  But the usual tablets or insulin will reduce Blood Sugar levels steeply, if taken with this GNV. Hence it is advised to reduce dosage of other tablets / insulin immediately and further reduce doses,as and when needed also, depending on BS levels. This GNV can be taken before sleep time also to reduce fasting BS levels. This GNV is meant for Chronic Diabetic persons, and who always have high BS levels. Not meant for persons with Prediabetes. Not recommended for pregnant women. The dosage of our GNV is very low at 1ml or 1.5ml daily once only.  Sale will start from October 2024 only, till such time only free Trial samples are avialable. More details available in the product webpage.

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